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Dear Friend,

As the chaos and uncertainty in Afghanistan intensifies and the world witnesses the tragic loss of lives at the Kabul airport, Kids in Need of Defense (KIND) is urging the Biden Administration to prioritize the well-being and security of children who have been separated from their families while evacuating or whose families have been killed.

Will you take action today and contact the Biden Administration to ensure the protection of these children fleeing Afghanistan? 

Friend, we know the U.S. is facing an unprecedented humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan. As the Administration responds, it must make a priority the protection of Afghan children who are forced to flee for their lives. 

Send your letter to the Biden Administration today and demand that the U.S. Government: 

  • Immediately identify children separated from their families, and work to reunite them as efficiently and safely as possible in accordance with what is in their best interests.
  • Ensure their access to legal representation so they understand their rights and to assist them in their search for permanent protection.
  • Ensure that when in the custody of the U.S. government, they are well cared for with consideration for their vulnerabilities and specific needs.
  • Provide mental health and other social services to address the trauma of family separation and the uncertainty they face.

The United States has a responsibility to recognize the unique vulnerabilities of Afghan children, a number of whom have already been separated from family amid the chaos at the Kabul airport. The Administration must remain steadfast in its commitment to protect unaccompanied and separated children.  

And critically, while they are in U.S. care, unaccompanied Afghan children must have access to legal services to help them achieve family reunification and legal status and social services to help them navigate the trauma that often stems from separation from their families and the deep uncertainty that lies ahead.

The current situation in Afghanistan will test the world’s resolve to provide access to safety for vulnerable refugees fleeing for their lives. We should not compound the tragedies that have already occurred by failing to protect the children and families who are in danger. 

Please, take action right now to urge the Biden Administration to do everything in its power to protect unaccompanied children fleeing Afghanistan.

Thank you,

Wendy Young, KIND President

P.S.: In 2021, more than 270,000 Afghans have been displaced and about 30,000 Afghans, including children, have fled each week since the end of July. This alarming trend will likely intensify as the Taliban assert control throughout Afghanistan and human rights and security within the nation deteriorate. Please, take action now to help unaccompanied Afghan children today.

Please consider making a gift today, so we can continue to provide vital assistance to immigrant and refugee children who deserve a chance at a safe and productive future.

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